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Have questions about doing business in Delaware? We are here to help.   Company Email Address Phone Number Reason for contacting us Leave Message / Questions Submit   Global Delaware 820 N. French Street, 4th Floor Wilmington, Delaware 19801 +1 (302) 577 8464

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Local entrepreneur’s mobile app acts as a virtual safe deposit box for safe e-document storage and organization

    A safe deposit box at the local bank; a fireproof filing cabinet at home. These have long been the default solutions for storing important life documents—passports, tax returns, medical records, deeds, wills and the like.   But in an increasingly digital world, it has become harder to store—and track—critical confidential electronic documents, and […]

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Buying Local Means Buying Fresh

Markets and roadside stands around the State are well-stocked with the best local produce this summer, from sweet corn and watermelons to peaches, beans and tomatoes. It is shaping up to be another great year for Delaware’s local agricultural sector. Last year, the state’s 23 farmers markets generated a record $2.6 million in revenue, due […]

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The First State in Agriculture

Everyone knows that Delaware is the best place to form a business, but did you know that we’ve also got great watermelons? Delaware’s agricultural products, including watermelons, peaches, cabbages, soybeans and sweet corn, are among the highest-quality and best-tasting in the country, and the state is uniquely well-equipped to produce them efficiently and cost-effectively. The State’s […]

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