Why Corporations Choose Delaware


More than 65 percent of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware.


Since the 1900s, Delaware has been the premier state for incorporation. Today, more than one million entities have made Delaware their legal home. Several key reasons make Delaware the choice for entity formation, for both U.S. and international companies.


Predictable Body of Law

Delaware is considered the preeminent authority on corporate law, a reputation earned through the development of more than a century of jurisprudence. Most of the relevant Delaware statutes affecting corporate affairs have been litigated thoroughly, resulting in a predictable and detailed body of law that increases certainty in corporate decision-making.


Experienced Jurists

Established in 1792, the Delaware Court of Chancery is the oldest business court in the United States, and is widely recognized as the nation’s leading forum for the resolution of corporate disputes. All cases that come before the Court of Chancery are heard by experienced jurists, rather than by potentially inexpert judges or unpredictable juries.


Neutral Forum

Plaintiff and defense attorneys alike prefer Delaware because the State enjoys a reputation as a neutral forum for litigation.


Speed and Responsiveness

Speedy resolution of lawsuits is standard in Delaware — most judges issue opinions in 90 days or less. The Court of Chancery does not hear criminal cases or routine civil cases that seek money damages, enabling it to focus on corporate law disputes and significant business cases.


Innovative Arbitration

The Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act (DRAA) provides Delaware companies around the world with a fast-track arbitration option to resolve business disputes. The DRAA sets time limits on the arbitration process in order to help reduce the time and money spent on litigation or traditional arbitration. The Act offers the ability to have disputes resolved promptly and cost-effectively, with the parties foregoing costly and time-consuming pre-hearing evidence gathering in exchange for a prompt resolution of their dispute.


Global Model

Delaware has become the corporate model for countries around the world. When considering legal issues involving mergers, acquisitions, corporate governance and public or private finance, courts around the world rely on Delaware’s well-established precedents:

Delaware General Corporation Law





Delaware’s award-winning courts have long been considered the ideal forum for handling corporate disputes.

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Delaware Rapid Arbitration Rules
Delaware Rapid Arbitration Rules

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Delaware’s Rapid Arbitration Act provides sophisticated parties with speedy and private resolution of their disputes.

Report: Delaware Legal System Remains Nation's Best
Judicial Selection Process in Delaware

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Delaware’s award-winning courts have long been considered the preeminent forum for handling corporate disputes. The body of corporate law is more than a hundred years old and sets forth the rules and procedures for directors and shareholders of Delaware business entities.

Delaware: The Ideal Forum for Dispute Resolution
Delaware is The Ideal Forum for Dispute Resolution

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Delaware’s reputation as the preeminent authority on corporate law is the result of its well-established body of case law, enabling statutes, experienced jurists, and neutral and efficient court system. The white paper at this link explains the benefits of selecting Delaware as a forum for resolving business disputes.

Alternative Business Court in Delaware Gives Corporations More Choice, More Control
Complex Commercial Litigation Division

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Several years ago, Delaware’s judiciary recognized the need for an additional venue to provide its corporate citizens with a more flexible and cost-effective solution for litigating disputes claiming monetary damages on a speedy timeline, if needed. The discussion ultimately led to the creation of the Complex Commercial Litigation Division (CCLD).

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