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Delaware’s pool of skilled workers and highly-educated professionals provides the State’s diverse business community with the talent needed to compete at home and abroad.


Build Your Team

Delaware has created programs to ensure businesses find employees with the proper expertise:


Workforce Sectors

Delaware’s largest employers are companies in advanced industry sectors, reflecting the State’s highly skilled workforce.

The five largest private industry employers are in these fields:


68,700 employees Healthcare/Social

48,200 employees Finance/Insurance

30,000 employees Scientific/Technical

27,300 employees


Educated Workforce

Delaware’s high school graduation rate is 87 percent, the second-highest in the region. Year after year, the State has led the country in terms of graduation rate growth, thanks to investment in education ($15,837 per pupil), which is 27 percent higher than the national average.


Quick facts:


Median Annual Wage for Delaware Employees:


Top Colleges and Universities in the Region


The University of Delaware, ranked in the U.S. top 100 colleges by the U.S. News and World Report, draws exceptional students and professors to the area. With seven other colleges and universities in the State, and many esteemed institutions of higher education nearby, there is a large number of highly educated, superior candidates for Delaware employers to choose from.



Global Workforce

Delaware welcomes international professionals who seek new opportunities in the U.S. Many highly educated professionals relocate to Delaware from around the world. In fact, Delaware is ranked fourth in the nation for “immigration of knowledge workers” according to the New Economy Index.

In addition, Delaware aims to produce multilingual graduates with an economic advantage in the global marketplace. Through the World Language Immersion Program, the State offers a bilingual learning environment for kindergarten and elementary students across the state, with continued rigorous language instruction through junior high and high school.

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