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Meet the Global Delaware Team: Andrea Tinianow, Esquire

Meet the Global Delaware Concierge Team: Business Development



Launching a business in the U.S. can be complex, so finding the right partners along the way is essential. To help, we’re bringing you a new series, The Delaware Concierge Team, to introduce you to our group of business development experts who can provide the answers and guidance to help you launch your business in Delaware quickly and efficiently.


The Concierge Team assists you every step of the way, from helping to identify potential collaborators and partners to helping you select the best corporate structure for your U.S. operation. Our team includes lawyers, accountants, and marketing professionals and many others who will assist you launch your business quickly,  and efficiently.


We begin series with Andrea Tinianow, Esquire, the Director of Global Delaware.


Andrea is a long-time resident of Delaware. Before launching Global Delaware in the Delaware Department of State, she worked in the private sector as Assistant General Counsel and VP of Business Development for a Delaware-based global corporate services firm.


Andrea brings an entrepreneurial spirit to her work. She embraces disruptive change to bring about innovation, and is relentless in looking for new and effective ways to serve her constituents.



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Hi Andrea! Can you tell our international readers about your role here in Delaware, and how you help international business professionals move their business to the U.S.?

I lead the Global Delaware team. I work with investors, entrepreneurs, and executives from around the world to help them find success in Delaware.

My team and I talk with everyone who is interested in coming to Delaware to make sure they understand what they need to do to launch their business. I make connections and introductions for them at the highest levels so they find the right partners and customers. Then we explore the State together! I’ve trekked through farms, laboratories, warehouses and even graveyards, whatever it takes to help build business!


Are you an employee of the State?

Yes, my official title is the Director of Corporate and International Development at the Delaware Department of State. But to the world, we are Global Delaware.


What skills and expertise do you have that could help with interacting with business investors?

I’m a licensed Delaware lawyer and have lived in the state for more than 20 years. In my prior  role, my chief responsibilities were to develop new products and services,  on the one hand, and to help the senior managers solve problems.  This experience comes in handy when I work with international business owners, because to be successful, they often need to navigate unfamiliar territory and be creative and innovative in the process.  My team and I can help with that!

It’s exciting and gratifying for me to help entrepreneurs and investors find the success they are looking for.  I grew up right outside of New York City.  But I choose to live in Delaware. This is a unique place to live, work and raise a family, and I am really happy to have this opportunity to share my experiences and give back to a State that has given me so much.


How do you help international companies be successful in Delaware?

International businesses that come to the U.S. need a lot of support. With the help of the Global Delaware Team, we help them overcome obstacles they may face, find partners, create collaborations, and develop a market both here in Delaware and throughout the U.S. From accounting, legal, immigration and real estate, we make sure they are connected with people who help them get up and running quickly!


Do you charge a fee to work with international business people?

No, there’s no charge. Global Delaware is a service provided by the State of Delaware free of charge.


How can investors contact you?

I can be reached by email, and on my cell phone. I encourage international entrepreneurs  looking to explore the U.S. market  to reach out. I am here for you!


Contact Info:
Andrea Tinianow, Esq.
Global Delaware
Office: (302) 577-8285
Cell: (302) 229-2147


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