Quality of Life


Nemours Mansion and Garden, Delaware's high quality of life makes it a great place to live and work


When you come to Delaware, you’ll likely discover that most of the people were not born here. Instead, they chose to move to Delaware because of career opportunities, the high quality of life and the low cost of living. People visit Delaware, fall in love with the State, and end up staying!


Low Cost of Living


The cost of living in Delaware is significantly lower than that of its neighboring states in the U.S. mid-Atlantic. With the fourth-highest homeownership rate in the United States and no state-level property taxes, Delaware is an ideal place to live and raise a family. Residents also enjoy tax-free shopping!

See how Wilmington, Delaware compares to other cities in the U.S.* The cost of living in Wilmington is just slightly above the national average, and significantly lower than other cities in the region and around the country.


Cost of Living Index


Delaware Cost of Living Index
Pennsylvania Cost of Living Index
Massachusetts Cost of Living Index
DC Cost of Living Index
California Cost of Living Index
New York City Cost of Living Index

*The ACCRA Cost of Living Index provides a measure of living cost differences among urban areas and compare the expenses an average person can expect to incur from the purchase of food, housing, transportation, energy, clothing, education, healthcare, childcare and entertainment in a given region, and compares them to a national average.


10 Reasons why Delaware is a Great Place to Live


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