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The chemistry industry has played a pivotal historic and economic role in Delaware.


Industry Overview

DuPont, one of the world’s first and largest chemical manufacturing companies, has been operating in Delaware for more than 200 years. Pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, plastics and other synthetics are Delaware’s primary manufactured products, and the industry is among the State’s top sectors for employment and revenue. Multinational companies like DuPont and Siemens, along with innovative startups like Sepax Technologies and Supercritical Fluids, continue to benefit from the State’s long legacy in the industry and from the vast talent pool in the area.

The University of Delaware is driving growth in the industry:

At the University of Delaware, internationally renowned scientists work alongside students to tackle the big issues facing agribusiness, in the classroom and on the school’s 350-acre farm that provides hands-on experience with animals, crop plants, wetlands, forests, greenhouses and a working dairy. The Cooperative Extension Service and College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Delaware conduct research and provide a host of services to support the State’s poultry industry.

Key Companies


Success Stories



Bryan P. Tracy, Ph.D.

White Dog Labs

White Dog Labs is using microorganisms to produce biochemicals, biofuels, and animal feed proteins. The company’s technology has been called transformative because of its potential to significantly increase biochemical production while simultaneously slashing carbon emissions. Read the full story


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Delaware company is overall winner of petrochemical innovation awards

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Local company Compact Membrane Systems has developed game-changing technology that could dramatically reduce the energy used at oil refineries to separate petroleum compounds. Membranes have long been pursued by the oil industry as a solution to the high cost and high energy required for compound separation, but until now, they have not measured up.

Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance
Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance

DESCA encourages sustainable innovation in chemistry throughout the greater Delaware region among key stakeholders in the public and private sectors. Working with thought leaders in industry, government and academia, DESCA seeks to link resources to optimize R&D funding and convert new and sustainable discoveries in chemistry into commercial opportunities.

High-tech, sustainable solutions from LINNE Industries
Linne Industries

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Newark-based LINNE industries has developed the PondHawk system, a low-maintenance, solar-powered aerator that works year-round to keep ponds algae-free. The company has already installed units at a number of golf courses and private residences in the region, and is exploring options to expand its market nationally and internationally.

Chemical Industry Council of Delaware
Chemical Industry Council of Delaware

The CICD’s membership consists of Delaware companies that manufacture chemicals or petrochemicals. Its primary focus is to represent member concerns on environmental legislation in Dover as well as state regulatory matters.

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