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Delaware success story: High-tech, sustainable solutions from LINNE Industries

Delaware-made technology put to the test in DSU Pond Aeration Study. 


What’s the best way to deal with pond scum?

The slimy green layer of algae often seen floating on ponds is caused by insufficient circulation and oxygen in the water. In addition to being unsightly, these blooms can degrade water quality and have a negative impact on the pond’s ecosystem.


To combat the scum, many communities and golf courses use chemical processes or electric aerators connected to a generator or the grid. However, a Delaware company is looking to provide a more environmentally-friendly approach.


The PondHawk:

Newark-based LINNE industries has developed the PondHawk system, a low-maintenance, solar-powered aerator that works year-round to keep ponds algae-free. The company has already installed units at a number of golf courses and private residences in the region, and is exploring options to expand its market nationally and internationally.

“The research project was driven from our work with golf course superintendents,” said Sandra Burton, co-founder, LINNE Industries. “We look forward to providing superintendents, course owners and communities with meaningful data to make decisions on their water features.”

LINNE has also just announced that it is participating in a Delaware State University project to study the efficacy of different pond management systems. The project, which will be conducted by researchers at DSU’s Aquaculture Research and Demonstration Facility, will measure the effect that different aeration solutions have on pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, algae and mosquitos. At the same time, LINNE Industries will assess the energy and maintenance costs.


The study was made possible by a grant from the Delaware Biotechnology Institute, which supports collaborative academic research and partnerships, just like this Delaware success story in the making.


For more information…

Check out the press release, or attend the kick-off party on September 24 from 1:30 – 4:00pm. RSVP to

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