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Distributed Ledger Technology in Healthcare: Update from the Delaware Blockchain Initiative

The Medical Society of Delaware (MSD) has teamed up with healthcare services company Medscient to develop a solution to address the challenges that prior authorization requirements pose to patients and healthcare providers. The solution will use distributed ledger technology developed by Symbiont, the State of Delaware’s technology partner in the Delaware Blockchain Initiative. The MSD […]

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What Delaware’s Historic Blockchain Law Means To You

Blockchain could provide additional benefits to different types of registrants.

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ICYMI: Delaware House passes blockchain legislation

Delaware is close to law that will let companies trade shares on a blockchain

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Groundbreaking blockchain legislation close to becoming law in Delaware

Delaware’s Senate has cleared a bill legalizing stock registries held on a distributed ledger system or blockchain. Legislation is expected to move through the State’s General Assembly over the next week or so, and then on to Governor Carney for his signature.

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Delaware Corporate Law Council releases framework for Blockchain shares

  On March 13, 2017, the Delaware Corporate Law Council announced proposed amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law that would provide specific statutory authority for Delaware corporations to use networks of electronic databases (such as distributed ledgers) to create and administer corporate records. The proposed amendments, if enacted, would enable Delaware corporations to use […]

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