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Thought Leaders

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ANP Technologies
Tiny particles continue to make big waves in the world of bioscience, as companies scramble to bring nanotechnology products and solutions to market. Delaware's ANP Technologies has already staked a claim as a leader in developing and commercializing nano-biotechnology-based products both in the U.S. and abroad. Read the full story →

Trinity Logistics
At Trinity Logistics, coming up with freight solutions is like a giant, unending game of Tetris: Brokers size up countless configurations of loads then look for the best rides, routes and rules to move shipments. Trinity's ability to come up with the winning combination over and over has made it a serious contender in the third-party logistics industry. Read the full story →

Chemical companies around the world are coming to Elcriton in search of designer microbes. The Delaware biotech start-up engineers microorganisms for applications ranging from the production of biofuels to the consumption of waste gas emissions, carving out a niche in the growing renewable-based chemical industry. Read the full story →

Acorn Energy
Acorn Energy is using big data analytics to manage and protect energy installations worldwide. From monitoring the nation's aging energy grid to protecting underwater pipelines, Acorn's subsidiaries have taken an early lead in the emerging field of digital energy. Read the full story →

ILC Dover
Best-known for its NASA space suits, ILC Dover engineers a wide range of products using high-performance flexible materials for defense, government and civilian customers. ILC continues to leverage its expertise in system design and materials engineering to seek out new markets for its high tech solutions. Read the full story →

Why Delaware

Incorporating in Delaware
The biggest, brightest and fasting-growing companies are incorporated in Delaware. The State's infrastructure, courts and laws create an environment for success and growth that investors can trust. Read the full story →

The Delaware Legacy
Many of the major financial institutions have made Delaware their home due to the State's world-renowned corporation law and pro-business legislation. Read the full story →

Case Study on the Port of Wilmington
The Port of Wilmington's cargo management solutions speed up delivery time for Moroccan clementines from Fresh Fruit Maroc, increasing market share and boosting profits for them. Download the PDF →


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