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Energy & Clean Tech

Delaware's commitment to a comprehensive energy policy of efficiency, clean energy generation and renewable R&D is driving significant investment in the sector.




Industry Overview

Next-generation energy companies like fuel cell manufacturer Bloom Energy and solar company Motech Industries, coupled with groundbreaking research at the University of Delaware, are leading the way for robust growth in the State's energy industry. Delaware is among the states leading the nation in solar energy, ranking 7th per capita for cumulative solar installations and 5th per capita for solar installations in 2012.

The State is working on multiple fronts, supporting initiatives aimed at improving conventional energy efficiency while aggressively pursuing a clean energy policy to provide a strong job market, protect the environment and incentivize companies seeking to develop innovative energy-related products and services.

The State's clean energy bills call for the installation of some 250 megawatts of new solar photovoltaic systems by 2025 to spur the creation of hundreds of secure, quality jobs and to establish Delaware as a national leader in the adoption of renewable energy. These bills also promote other sources of renewable energy, such as offshore wind infrastructure, to generate thousands of jobs in manufacturing, metal fabricating, electrical services and marine trades. Also, Delaware's net metering law allows third-party solar financing and shared solar, supporting the distributed solar market.

Delaware's strategic location provides easy access to manufacturing resources, consumers and business partners regionally, nationally and worldwide. The State has a pro-business environment, unrivalled research expertise and a talented workforce. Delaware's responsive government understands the needs of business, offering tax incentives, infrastructure, development support, grants and other incentives for new and expanding businesses.


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Acorn Energy
Bloom Energy
Evergreen Technology Company

Motech Industries
Standard Solar
Supercritical Fluid Technologies

Success Stories

John A. Moore CEO of Acorn Energy

John A. Moore Acorn Energy

Acorn Energy is using big data analytics to manage and protect energy installations worldwide. From monitoring the nation's aging energy grid to protecting underwater pipelines, Acorn's subsidiaries have taken an early lead in the emerging field of digital energy. Read the full story →


University of Delaware

University of Delaware

The University of Delaware is a national leader in renewable energy research and technology innovation. It is home to the UD Energy Institute, the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, the Center for Fuel Cell Research and the Institute of Energy Conversion.

Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation

Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation

The CCEI was established in 2009 as an Energy Frontier Research Center by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. The center, a partnership between the University of Delaware, nine academic institutions and two national laboratories, is developing technologies to convert biomass to biofuels and chemicals.

Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition

Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition

Headquartered in Camden, DE, MAREC is a coalition of wind energy companies, wind turbine manufacturers, public interest organizations, law firms and service companies dedicated to promoting the growth and development of renewable energy in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Delaware Renewable Energy Taskforce

Delaware Renewable Energy Taskforce

The DRE Taskforce is a State initiative established by the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Act to provide recommendations for establishing renewable energy trading mechanisms and other structures to support the growth of renewable energy in Delaware.


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