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Growing demand for energy from around the world presents Delaware energy companies with important opportunities abroad, especially in the areas of energy efficiency and clean energy.




Next-generation energy companies like fuel cell manufacturer Bloom Energy and solar company Motech Industries, coupled with groundbreaking research at the University of Delaware, are leading the way for robust growth in the State's energy industry.

The State is working on multiple fronts, supporting initiatives aimed at improving conventional energy efficiency while aggressively pursuing a clean energy policy to provide a strong job market, protect the environment and incentivize companies seeking to develop innovative energy-related products and services.

Global Market

Foreign markets provide important opportunities for products and services currently being developed in Delaware:

Canada, currently the number-one market for hydropower, biofuels and solar export opportunities, could well account for nearly one-third of all U.S. renewable energy exports through 2015, according to industry projections.

China's demand for energy technology is massive and growing, with the greatest potential for wind exports. Small and medium-sized wind farms are a growing trend throughout Asia, which has resulted in stricter technical and safety standards and has increased demand for newer technologies.

Brazil and Chile are prime markets for energy exports. Brazil is the region's largest clean energy market and is also a leading consumer of ethanol. In Chile, companies are looking to solar energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, particularly in mining and other industrial operations. This, in turn, is driving development of a new niche industry of solar-powered mining equipment and installations.

Read the full report, Renewable Energy Top Markets for U.S. Exports 2014-2015 from the U.S. Department of Commerce to learn more about opportunities for Delaware's energy companies.


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