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Delaware's civilian and military contractors can increase manufacturing, distribution and consulting operations by exploring opportunities abroad.



NM Marshall Space Center NASA 2011

The U.S. Department of Defense has tapped pioneering research at the State's universities, recently awarding a Delaware State University professor a grant to fund advanced optics research, and signing a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the University of Delaware for work at Aberdeen Proving Ground. University of Delaware's Center for Composite Materials has collaborated with more than 200 companies nationwide representing materials suppliers and end users in the aerospace, automotive, defense and durable goods industries.

As companies move from research to market-ready products and services, international markets provide important opportunities to recoup investments, achieve economies of scale and turn a profit.

Global Market

Colombia's government is looking to fight local terrorism and protect their citizens by equipping the police force and by increasing surveillance with leading-edge technology, especially in remote areas of the country. The U.S. currently has few competitors in this market. Read the full report from the U.S. Commercial Service.

Belgium is the home of NATO headquarters and the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), both of which depend on imports and subcontractor work to provide the required defense technology and equipment. Read the full report from the U.S. Commercial Service.


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Fran DiNuzzo President at ILC Dover

Fran DiNuzzo ILC Dover

Best-known for its NASA space suits, ILC Dover engineers a wide range of products using high-performance flexible materials for defense, government and civilian customers. ILC continues to leverage its expertise in system design and materials engineering to seek out new markets for its high tech solutions. Read the full story →


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