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Meet the Global Delaware Team Members: Mike Bowman

Meet the Global Delaware Team Members: Mentorship



When launching a new international business venture, it helps to have a skilled and savvy mentor show you the way and help you scale for growth.


The Delaware Concierge Team is fortunate to have Mike Bowman on our team,  a true pro when it comes to entrepreneurship. Mike has helped scores of entrepreneurs find success in Delaware, particularly in the bio and life science sectors.   

A chemical engineer and former DuPont vice president, Mike is the founder and president of the Delaware Technology Park (DTP), a partnership of the State of Delaware, University of Delaware and the private sector that is home to more than 50 tech companies, ranging from multinational corporations to university spin-offs and high tech startups.

Since its inception 18 years ago, the DTP has played a major role in strengthening Delaware’s economy, with success that includes:


  • Growing more than 100 companies
  • Producing more than 16,000 jobs
  • Generating over $600 million in funding and investments


In addition to his role at the DTP, Mike is the associate director for the Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships (OEIP) at the University of Delaware, where he focuses on powering partnerships, commercializing innovation, and developing the economy.

Mike is also the State Director of the Delaware Small Business Technology Development Center (SBDC), an organization focused on helping new businesses grow and thrive in Delaware.

Mike’s experience, entrepreneurial skill set, vast network, and tireless enthusiasm make him a valuable Concierge Team member. And he is standing ready to help you grow your business in Delaware!


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Hi Mike, thank you for speaking with us today. How do you specifically help entrepreneurs?

My role is to assist companies in expanding. I lead three different organizations here in Delaware. Through these organizations, we provide a pathway for entrepreneurs to succeed. First, we meet with them to understand their ideas and business plan, then we help them to execute that plan. It might be networking, exploring tech transfer, assisting them to find space, providing further business counseling, or working with them to identify and obtain financing.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with big companies, small startups, and professionals from around the world. That range of experience makes it easier for me to get to work quickly and provide meaningful guidance to business owners who are new to the U.S. and the State of Delaware.


Do you work for the State of Delaware?

Yes, I do work for the state but I also collaborate with the private sector.

What’s great about the State of Delaware is that the public and private sector oftentimes overlap. In my line of work, both sectors come together for a common cause: to stimulate economic growth and prosperity in Delaware.

My role is to provide that public-private bridge to help both sides achieve their goals.


What expertise do you have that could help investors?

My background is in chemical engineering, and I have lots of experience in the fields of science and technology. I worked for DuPont as a general manager for almost a decade, where I created DuPont’s global business unit and increased sales exponentially. I understand business and technology, especially with a global focus. I know what businesses look for and what our local community can offer.

I can also help international companies plan their U.S. operations, access the U.S. market, and, for bio/pharma companies, seek FDA approval.  Delaware offers a “soft landing” for international companies, and my team makes sure that international companies benefit from the services the State offers.

The State of Delaware has unique attributes and assets that make it a natural gateway to the United States, such as logistics, transportation, a world-class research university, as well as a thriving fin-tech hub in Wilmington, Delaware, the state’s largest city. I can help newcomers understand those assets and get to work quickly.


Do you charge a fee to talk to businesses looking for information about forming a business or establishing operations here in Delaware?

No, I do not charge a fee for the guidance that I provide.


How can investors contact you?

I am always happy to talk to entrepreneurs considering making Delaware their home. Email is the best way to reach me.


Contact Info:
Mike Bowman
Delaware Technology Park
Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships
Small Business Development Center


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